Since its inception in the year 2009, the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering has been ever inclined towards creating professionals of tomorrow which can do wonders in this ever changing scenario of industrial evolution while providing cutting edge competency.

Previously the students got admission into the Department by appearing for MPPET Exam and AIEEE Exam, which eventually led to appearing for JEE Exam on an All India Basis from the year 2014 which made an easy access gateway to students from all over India.

The students need to excel and survive in all the spheres all across the globe and so specialized trainings on MATLAB/Simulink, C/C++, PCB Design, PLC, SCADA, HMI, MiPower and Relay Logic both from experienced industry professionals and Inhouse are organized.

It holds great importance that the students after years of study and trainings achieve their final dream destinations of holding a position for themselves in the industry. The students have been selected in reputed firms including both the Private and Public Sector enterprises, which shows that the students have well achieved their dreams and are also prospering and doing very well.

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering is continuously making efforts to create such endeavors which will take the students a level up in the present scenario so that we can deliver them more than just an education so that their personality becomes complete in all aspects and flourish in all directions and reach the zenith of their life at earliest.

  • To provide technical education that combines rigorous academic study and the excitement of innovation enabling the graduates to engage in lifelong learning which is essential to improve performance continuously and excel in their career.
  • To establish tie-ups with institutions of national and international repute and to foster building up of a wide knowledge base to keep in tune with ever increasing demands of technologies.
  • To motivate commitment of faculty and students to collate, generate, disseminate, and preserve knowledge, and to work with others to apply this knowledge for developing simple, appropriate technologies, which will be instrumental in the upliftment of the society.
  • The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering strives to be a Center of Excellence in education,training and research, producing high quality engineers and researchers.
  • Promotion of technical excellence in Electrical and Electronics Engineering by offering programs to produce Engineers with dynamic well rounded personalities adaptable to ever increasing demands of emerging technologies involving analytical and practical skills, with commitment to research and development.
  • Be instrumental in stimulating intellectual environment wherein faculty and students can thrive and grow.