DB2 9.7: IM 302
Objective: The new DB2 Academic Associate certification is an entry level DBA or a user of any of the DB2 family of products. A DB2 Associate Certified professional is knowledgeable about the fundamental concepts of DB2 9. The database academic associate should have an in-depth knowledge of the basic to intermediate tasks required in day-to-day administration, relational database fundamentals as well as SQL, Database administration tasks, and Data Studio and programming interfaces.

The DB2 9.7 test covers various topics on Compression enhancements, manageability enhancement (MDC tables), PurXML enhancement, High availability, backup, logging, resiliency, recovery enhancement, performance enhancement(Cursor Stability isolation level), workload management, SSL connection, SQL PL enhancement with basic concepts like Working with Databases, Working with SQL, Tables, Views and Data Concurrency